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T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

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Would love to see some 9th Age being played at WoW! I know we tend to play in Vancouver, but if the drive is ever a barrier for someone playing, feel free to reach out to myself or some of the other guys on the boards and we'll see about setting up something over in Portland :biggrin:. My schedule makes Tuesday / Sundays afternoons pretty difficult, but there are certainly other players on the boards that will be able to give you a game :)

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I just wanted to mention, some of you may look back to this time and think to yourself where were you and what were you doing on the FIRST WEEKEND AFTER THE PRE-GOLD FINIAL'ISH RELEASE OF T9A 2.0.5?!?!

I'm sure I don't have to explain what regret feels like.

You know what to do....

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