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What podcasts are people listening to?


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I listen to a ton of gaming podcasts (naturally) for various miniature games, but aside from that, I've been listening to History the 20th Century podcast, which is very good. If you're going the route of history podcast, Hardcore History is a must. I like The Unbelievable Podcast, but my wife founds the guy very obnoxious, so I guess proceed with caution, heh.

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Welcome to Night Vale - Fictional small town podcast in a twisted mirror of a town

Alice isn't Dead - Travel podcast but you're travelling the dark and strange back roads of america where things might eat you.

Crimetown - Historical podcast about the seedy underbelly of Rhode Island

Criminal - Historical podcast about crime and criminals

King Falls AM - An AM radio station in a town that has all sorts of strange occurences

Mission to Zyxx - The trials and tribulations of a diplomatic team in the Federated Alliance

Nerd Poker - Brian Posehn and friends play D&D

Rabbits - The world is all part of a strange game that could kill you.

Radiolab - Classic

Reply All - The internet and interesting things on it.

Sandra - What would it be like to work for Siri?

Science vs - There's lots of opinions but sometimes you just want to know the Science

Serial - Each season is one big factual, reported story

Tanis - Drama about a fictional location that drives people crazy

Story Pirates  - Stories written by kids that are produced by adults

Black Tapes - A vast supernatural conspiracy investigated by a podcast producer

Story Collider - Amusing stories told by scientists

This American Life - Classic

Thrilling Adventure Hour - Audio drama in the style of early century radio drama

Within the Wires - Strange, alternate form podcasts that tell a story

Wolf 359 - Space Station, paranoia, carnivorous plants, even corporate overlord.


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Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff -- Robin Laws and Ken Hite talk Lovecraftian and Elliptonic gaming, among a vast list of other things

Fights Gone By -- Mixed Martial Arts discussion

Forge the Narrative - Warhammer 40k

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias - Lovecraftian gaming

The Honest Wargamer - 40k and AoS

The Independent Characters - 40k

Preferred Enemies - 40k

Sawbones - Medical history

Signals from the Frontline - 40k

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! - NPR current events panel game/comedy

WTF - Interviews

After Ullanor - Horus Heresy book club

The Co-Main Event Podcast - Mixed Martial Arts

Hardcore History - History, of the hardcore nature

GM Word of the Week - Weekly word noodling, with a gaming angle

Heroic Intervention - 40k

The Incomparable - Nerd & pop-culture discussions

Layers - Figure painting

Order 66 - FFG Star Wars discussions, etc.

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Night Attack: two bozos BS'ing

My Brother My Brother And Me: three bozo brothers answer? Yahoo questions.

Dead Mech (finished story): post apoc story with Mecha and zombies. Some Mecha piloted by zombies.

How to Succeed in Evil (finished story): Realistic look at what living in a world with superheroes would be like. Told from the viewpoint of a guy not working on the "hero" or "super" side of things. Highly recommend this gem.

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