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Wood Elves Are Coming!

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Meh. The rumors say they are going to an almost pure skirmish force. Bleah. So much for all of the eternal guard models I own.

Are you kidding? MSU armies are fantastic, and Elves excel in it.


Eternal Guard rumor is the only bad thing I've heard and even then they can be used to substitute and fill other models. If the Stag Knights from the leaked photo are made into models it will be one sexy army.


I say wait for the book to come out and ignore the rumors. But skirmishing units are great and don't use elves to anvil anyways, that's what the trees are for. (the walking kind, not the terrain.)

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Well don't ya.know in 9th edition everything will be in loose formation because of the game moving towards skirmish scale like 40k. Skirmish rule will just provide a bonus to cover saves and dangerous terrain.

/salt salt salt

I saw that rumor too. In unrelated news the stock price of salt jumped 75 points on that same day.



"If" they do it you can bet we will be playing 8th for a very long time as GW scratches their heads as models continue to sell but their books sit on the sales floor unloved and dusty.

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1. Army wide ASF ( elves  )
2. Hawkeye (elves , reroll ones to hit when shooting a single shot)
3.  Spirit of the Forest ( Instability, magical attacks, hatred , 5 + ward save , harmony with the forest )
4.  Elven Bow ( S4 , rapid fire , extra row )
5.  Saearath ( cc weapon , +1 Strength )
6.  Ambushers ( NDT : not what it is )

GladeGuard : Elvish Bow , Hawkeye
Eternal Guard :  Saearath , L8
Light Knights : same
Dryades : forms of combat .
War Hawk Riders: Elven Bow , Hawk Eye , launches
Wild Riders : Spirit of the forest, Saearath , L8 , F4 , A2 -Stag Riders?
Arboreal : Spirit of the forest , as
Banshees : Spirit of the forest, ( breath attack ) , terror .

Wardancer : same , except for some changes that do not know .
Treeman: Hate Eternal Hatred

And releases

Great Dragon Box Forest / Lord of the Forest / Sisters of Twilight
Stag Riders
War Dancers

Warhawk Riders
- Safety Eternal Guard / Forest Banshees
- Blister Cantor of Trees
- Blister Lord of Forests
- Blister Skaw the Falconer

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Treemen with hatred? *drool*.


What's rapid fire? Do they mean no move and shoot penalties (like it is now), or do they mean 2 shots within half range. Or is it a different USR?


I hope there are still no move and shoot penalties, as I really like the fluid nature of the army now. 

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Stag cav? Fantastic. Would be even better if they're MC and use the Stag rules/profile from the Storm of Magic but I doubt it. I love those things. They're like 6th Flesh Hounds :wub:


I've been saving up WE models for the past bit. Hopefully they'll get a nice and inpsiring book so I want to break them out.

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Brother you are of course welcome to your opinion and from some of the rumors I can see your concern. That said we need to see the book as a whole. I think it would be a mistake to write them off yet. Since Tome Kings the army books have been very good at striking a good balance. Well maybe not WoC but hey.


Also many of the elf units might be skirmishes, maybe not, but that is only part of theirarmy. It does scream MSU but that is what Wood Elves do. With or without lots of terrain.

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I'm waiting for the actual rules to pop up so that Dkeift can lay down the "warhammer is ruined" post.  Otherwise, I'm not terribly interested in the fancy lads from the woods.

Oh I do not need actual rules to lay down the "W4Rh4MM3R 1S RU1N3d!!!1!!!111!!!!". However, I do like making you wait, so I'll hold off for now.

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Show me the book, then I'll make judgement.  What I will say is how would a skirmish based army in the new book be any different from the skirmish based army in the current book?  You'd just be getting new rules, new units/models, and if the army works now it will work with the new book.


Let's see the book first.

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