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Doubles Event Happening again?

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Right now there's no HoG for a Friday 40k event that I know of. That said, I really enjoyed the event Kahn ran, but by the end of the weekend I had played so much 40k I was burned out. So even if one was offered, I likely wouldn't play again myself. Looking at Nate's terraforming mars tourny and maybe a blood bowl 7's for myself on Friday.


There's been talk of someone running a 3 game ITC Friday, but that's just an idea atm.

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1 hour ago, DisruptiveConduct said:

ill take a look at kill team arena. i dont like the phase layout for kill team. considering regular 40k rules with smaller power level for quicker games. maybe Cities of Death type stuff.

Arena does not change the rules of Kill Team so if you don't like Kill Team, Arena wont change your opinion.

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