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Jim's Random Painting Project Log


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I had been wanting to get back to my Wood Elves, but got gutted by AoS. Thankfully, I'm enjoying the heck out of Kings of War, so I've decided that's reason enough!


Here's the first new addition to my army: the Pathfinder red dragon by Reaper (in Bones). My plan is to use it as either a Dragon Lord, or (more likely) a Drakon Drakon. Not sure how they'll work, as I've used neither in the games I've played, but mostly I just wanted to paint a dragon.


For my Drakon Rider hordes (which are fantastic in terms of gameplay), I'll be using Warhawk Riders. I just picked up a slew of them in a WHFB eBay firesale. I guess I have AoS to thank for that!
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Changing this from just Kings of War to whatever I'm painting. Can't have a separate project log for every system out there.


I'm working on an Eldar/Dark Eldar army painted as the Void Dragon Corsairs. I want to see if I can do the entire army in 3 colors (bases excepted): red, bone, and black-blue. The bases are cast by yours truly.
Warp Spiders
War Walkers with magnetized guns/gun shields. I left the front windshields off because they always struck me as kind of useless.
A squad of D-Scythe Wraithguard. I figure that when you sign up for the Void Dragon Corsairs, that dying is no excuse not to finish up your contract.
And the first of several squads of jetbikes. Just a simple min-sized unit  for objective-grabbing.
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Did I mention I was excited about the upcoming Corsair re-do? Painted my first grav-tank and another small squad of bikes.


Here are some shots of the Wave Serpent. I had intended to use an airbrush on it, but I didn’t make it past basecoating the charcoal color before I caved in and painted the rest by hand. It was super fun to paint – all those smooth curves and big flat areas were perfect for practicing thin layers and trying to smooth my blending.





Everything is magnetized, with the option of switching between the underslung shuriken cannon or the shuriken catapults.




Here is another min-sized squad of jetbikes. I’m varying the red sripes between squads to make them easier to tell apart on the battlefield.




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Got some more painting done this month!




Man, but that Lynx was a delight to paint. Forge World models are really a treat. The weapons on the Lynx are magnetized, and I have a sonic lance to be able to sub in (not that I’d take it outside of an Apocalypse game). Still sticking with the “3 colors only” and I’m liking how it’s turning out.


The Lynx:






The Hornets:



The Venom:



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:blush: Thanks so much!


I've wanted to do an Eldar army for ages, since back in 3rd edition. Having painted pustules and hardlines for the past I-don't-know-how-many years, the organic curves of the Eldar are really doing it for me. With that said, pre-Heresy Raven Guard are next. I have a clubmate coming back from college over the summer who's interested in 30k, so I want to be ready to soak up as much as possible.

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Right on, I like your take on the their color scheme.


With regards to the "3 colors to count" painting guideline, it would be very difficult for Raven Guard unless you counted eyes and/or small details as colors (which I would).


Pre-Corax their armor was gray.  They then went to black.  I mean black.  Like a lump of coal at the bottom of a pool of tar.  They were the epitome of stealth in warfare and were clinical in the Unification Wars (that's why Horus used them alongside his Luna Wolves so often).


Stay safe,



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Three colors in regards to tournament painting requirements refers to base-coating a model with at least 3 different colors, with no highlighting or shading. Because I shade and highlight, that base standard won't apply. I use 3 colors in reference to my Eldar as very tounge-in-cheek because they have more like 20 or 25 colors, between all of the layering and blending. My Eldar would definitely be considered much more than 3 colors! Likewise, with the shading, the Raven Guard are more than fine, as well.


Not all black though, right? White on the helmet for sgts, white arms for veterans, etc.

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Yeah, common practice around the 30k era was to have vets or "studs" for lack of a better word to have white helmets or white shoulder pads or whatnot.  The red eye lenses were pretty muted.


The all-black Raven Guard look in my humble opinion is just so boss.  And there was always that raven symbol present on a leg to show that they were XIX Legion.  Because remember back at that time there were a LOT of all-black Legions out there... such as my beloved Dark Angels.


Looks great and excited to see more!


Stay safe,



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