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New GW Specialist Game Studio?


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GW Australia facebook pages are announcing the creation of a new division called Specialist Design Studio.




Here is the facebook link:




Good morning Hobbyists!


I have some exciting hobby news to share with you all! Games Workshop has established a Specialist Product Design Studio which will include the existing Forge World Studio but also design, create and develop new models, games and standalone product. But that's not all! The Specialist Design Studio will also be responsible for bringing back some of our old favourite games as well!!!!


As if that wasnt enough, this team is also (and I'm quoting from the announcement for dramatic effect):


"...will also be responsible for maintaining our journey into Middle Earth. It will be the only GW studio that will produce new product to support Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit."


So there you go! How exciting!? New product for the Hobbit? Very exciting!


I was always a fan of Warhammer Quest and Necromunda, why not comment below with the specialist game you'd most like to see return with a reboot or just a reprint?


It is second hand only, a FB post on a GW page regarding what is apparently a direct email from GW CEO to staff.



Earlier:- Just saw this on fb:-

This was just posted by two separate members of GW staff on the Australian page:

'Hey Guys,

Official GW words here to confirm Hobbit moving to a specialist studio:

"This studio will also be responsible for maintaining our journey into Middle Earth. It will be the only GW studio that will produce new product to support Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit."

And with that I wish you all a Good Morning.'



It was posted on an Australian FB SBG community group.


The rationale for it going out to Australia first is because of the timezone difference, so if true, confirmation should be rolling out in the next 24 hours worldwide.


Somewhat baffled as to what 'specialist studio' means. Forgeworld perhaps? Either way, if true, it means it's not being dropped, and indeed, new support may be forthcoming. It would be nice if they've decided not to waste their license.

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When I said Bram was spot on I was referring to the fact that SG will not be how it used to be. This team will almost be like a FFG within FW producing our old favourites, not everything is a board game, imagine other classic tabletop games getting an update, doesn't mean they have to change into a boardgame format. Specialist Games ARE coming back, only with a slightly different name with an updated product and not under the direct (incompetent) control of GW.


AFAIK the scope is pretty big, just don't be expecting things overnight, my understanding is we are still a few months out from seeing anything yet. Def full blown epic armies, not sure about how much will be plastic and how much will be resin. I expect rules to be updated where needed. Do not expect to see old sculpts unless they are classics.



I have not heard warmaster discussed, however do not discount it, this is currently in it's infancy. The HH box seems to be well received and not too bad of a price point when you compare the equivalent cost of the minis and the fact there is also a standalone game in there. I don't expect any of it will be "cheap" but it will be more accessible. As I understand it Epic & BB are quite high up the list of priorities.



Originally Posted by BramGaunt 

So I'm guessing it will be different from what we are expecting. What we are expecting is a return to how 'specialist games' were run, but what we are probably getting is a branch akin to Fantasy Flight Games that produces GW License board games that double as miniature games.

Hastings: Indeed, pretty much spot on mate :-)

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Obviously we are going to have nothing but speculation until they actually release more concrete information as to what this all means...


My thoughts are...GW wants to make $$$, that is their number 1 goal.  They are not doing this to make us old foagies happy or summon the power of Nostalgia (though it will).


We will probably end up with something that is between what us nostalgia people for Specialist Games want and Betrayal at Calth...a big box one off game with appeal for both newcomers and oldtimers.


Either way, if we end up with new models for these games (BloodBowl, Necromunda, Battle Fleet Gothic, Epic) that would be amazing...regardless of what "big box game" they come bundled with.


I really can't wait...honestly, this is more exciting than Force Awakens :)

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