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Summer of Flyers


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New flyer kits and a supplement incoming c944477abc92c1c101da485e07ff06d8.gif

Darnok on Warseer

Re: Flyer Game - Summer 2016

The OP is actually right, but there are two more flyers and a supplement coming before the "flyer game".


To refresh memory - the original rumor from Sad Panda

It appears GW might also do something similar (2 old models, 1 mini-game + discount in a box) with flyers later this year.

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NEW FLYERS ARE HERE! (Update with more pics)

Stormhawk Interceptor – a deadly heavily armed and armoured Space marine fighter, designed to hunt and kill other flyers. This kit can alternatively also be assembled as a Stormtalon Gunship.

Wazbom Blastajet – a deadly, gun heavy, Ork flying fortress. The kit can also be assembled as either a Dakkajet, a Burna-bommer or a Blitza-bommer.

Death from the Skies supplement.

Lady Atia

Thanks @ Mymearan

The Wazbom Blastajet is here!
Airborne Assault!


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So I really like the SM flyer. It looks MUCH better than the kit it is based off of. Will be interesting to see who can use it as well as what parts are interchangeable.


FYI, you get two options for the front weapon: Las-talon or the tri-barrel autocannon (ala the stalker/hunter kit).

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I would point out that during the last campaign, GW has chimed in that you can use whichever version of the same dataslate you see fit. This came about when the question was asked about which iron priest (or whatever the SW tech marine is called) was valid (Codex vs. suppliment/campaign). So I would imagine you could chose to use your codex version which DOES permit skyfire but not the supplement version. However I do believe that the rule is limited to playing the supplement rather than globally set this rule up.


Of course, this is speculative since the thing isn't even out yet.

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