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2016 40k Team Event Scoring

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The difference is in the spread. There's only a 10 Point difference between the top and bottom on Sports, but even after tossing the outlier, there's a 68 Point spread on Paint, so that's going to be affecting the top positions more strongly. Just something to keep in mind. And yes, I know that trying to come up with a Sportsmanship Scoring system that will give you a wide spread with the quality of Players we get at the OFCC is ridiculously difficult.

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So looking at spirit, why us every team only getting around half the potential points?


Is it disapproval of lists/attitude? Measuring? It would be interesting to see how that happened.

Good Point.  Lol.  Well I think that it was 20 per round, plus favorite opponent pins (just guessing that it was 5 per pin).  So that would make sense.


The scale does list it as 200, so I think they forgot to double it.  Just my guess.


Which essentially made this year a painting contest.

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I am kinda curious how Sports was scored. Looking at the results, I'd guess 1 per 'yes' on the Round Sheets, plus 1 per Favorite Opponent Pin. I just don't see how that could have been run up past 120, even tho it's listed as being out of 200.

The plan was to double the sports score to make it up to 200 but the spreadsheet got messed up.

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