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Fanaticus Founders Cup 2019


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Ordo Blood Bowl players! This July sees the return of the OBBL Fanaticus Founders Cup! The FFC is our annual league team, single elimination tournament. The FFC is NOT a one or two day resurrection-style tournament like Ordo Bowl, it is a single elimination cup tournament open to ANY OrdoBowl.com league team that has participated in an Ordo Persistent League season (except for The Human league). 

Games are not played on a single day, instead, you schedule games with your opponent like you would a league game. All injuries and SPP’s count like they do in a league game, it just happens this is a cup competition, not a league game; get it? Think of the FFC like the OBBL’s World Cup.

The buy in is $10 per player, with spots available to the first eight players.

Who’s name will adorn the trophy for 2019? Sign up and win it all!

Ready to enter the premier OBBL event of the year? CLICK HERE


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We need four more teams and coaches for the tournament. Remember, one and done league tournament...high TV teams that could be played:

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