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Ordo BB2 League

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51 minutes ago, Burk said:

@kb10r find another and I will open up a slot.  want even numbers,  you got a week or so before we start as Scott has to lose in human league before we can play.

Sure. At first I was all "they have an odd number so they need me", but then you didn't ping yourself.

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@sbr, @Andrewgeddon, @michaels, @savion47, @WestRider, @Weav, @scotthartman, @kb10r, @Bosco


Ok.  had to create a new "competition"  I expelled all teams.  Please rejoin the league "Ordo Fanaticus" and enter the new and improved "Season Einz 2.0"


10 teams.  I am capping it at 10 for now so we can play round robin as I am sure everyone wants to play @michaels......where the [big bad swear word] did my "eyeroll" gif go?



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