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Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge week 1

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cabin in the woods.jpg


We are currently on week 4 of the challenge, see the applicable post for weekly challenges. 


Given that we are all stuck inside, let's make the most of it and get through a bunch of those painting projects you no longer have an excuse to put off.


The rules are simple each week, post in this thread what you assembled or painted that week.  At the end of the week(Sunday as at midnight give or take) we'll decide who won each of 4 categories. Also include information on what you were going for or anything other details you wish!


For this week anything you have already painted for the escalation league can be included, but take the extra few days for touch up.


1. Most models assembled 

2. Most impressive assembly

3. Most models painted and based(3 color min)

4. Best painted model.


I will make a new thread each sunday, week 1 will last through the 22nd.


Get painting, when things get more normal we'll do a big show off totalling everything you got done!

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I’m just waiting and hoping for the weather to get a bit warmer so I can do some spray priming.

Can’t do it indoors due to my husband’s asthma. Normally, I’d be able to do a couple of minis (3-6) just after he leaves for work in the morning, knowing that the fumes would all dissipate before he got home from work in the evening... But his office has ordered everyone to work from home.

I need an airbrush. 

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Inquisitor, Yes, Renegades and Heretics are a pretty rare army.

They are a great army if you love conversions, like having an army full of zany units, and don't really care about winning or losing.

I usually use them to support my Night Lords or my World Eaters. Although at last year's OFCC I took an army that was about 1,000 points of Renegades and Heretics and about 1,000 points of Night Lords (I lost all my games except for 1 draw). I had a great time. If you are interested, here is a link to my Ordo Chaos blog where you can see pics from OFCC of my Renegades and Heretics:  


And last September I played a very fun game in which my army was 1,850 points of painted Nostroman 9th Renegades and Heretics (and 150 points of summoned daemons).  Later in the week, I'll post some pics of that September game in my Ordo Chaos blog.


Nostroman 9th, "Hell's horde."

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So I’ve been working from home for three weeks now...

I did some Mordian Iron Guard for my Planetary Defense Force,


also a Chimera,


oh and some Eliminators for my White Scars.


Oh and a Lieutenant.


Wait, a Thunderfire Cannon too.


Hmm and a Terminator Assault Squad. 


Working on a Devastator Squad next...

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