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Did Covid Kill The Club?

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Covid-19 didn't kill the club various changes and life events kinda did.


Dark tower is still doing somethings.

I'm playing Malifaux and raising a daughter.

Munkie is around playing 40k.

There are some pesky work schedules and battle tech.


The loss of fantasy battle really broke the core and while we limped along a bit, it's been crumbling for awhile.

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I have recruited three local Warhamsters to play SAGA: Age of Hannibal, so hopefully, by late Summer or early Autumn, Dark Tower Games will become the scene of rampaging war elephants, disciplined ranks of Roman maniples, waves of berserk Gauls, and forests of sarissas, hoplons, and bronze.

When the reaping time draws near, the Bellingham Warhamsters shall rise from their restless slumber and once more be a (metaphorical) plague on the Earth.

Bwah ha ha...!




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1 hour ago, VonVilkee said:

I want necromunda to be a thing and I've seen some Malifaux stuff taking off. Best of luck with the Saga! If there gets to be some age of magic stuff rolling I still have my night goblins...

I too would like to get back to Necromunda, eventually.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on House of Faith.  



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15 hours ago, Andrewgeddon said:

It's always great to see the Bellingham guys for some 9th Age! I'm hopeful that the Ham Slamwich 2 will happen at some point, since I was too deathly ill to attend the first one.

I’ll second that, I’m no longer in the Bellingham area, but moving up to Portland at the end of the summer and was looking forward to a trip up north for a tournament and some beers. It’s sad to hear the momentum has died down, hopefully there’s energy to build back up! The Bellinghamsters were hands down the best group I ever had the opportunity to play with, I hope even if it’s not for 9th age you’re all able to get back together and keep on gaming!  

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It isn't much like 5 bucks and yes you can reserve.


They started a Patreon about the same time so you can do a monthly thing instead. It is a massive discount over reserving every week. They ended the automatic 20% off for ordering but include it in the Patreon tier.

Also if you are doing events and stuff no real change in costs.

As far as my opinion it adds a barrier to weekly public gaming that I really didn't need as I'm more and more prone to staying home in general...

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We were somewhere around Olympia on the edge of the Salish Sea when the paint fumes began to take hold. I remember saying something like "I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive...." And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the land was full of what looked like huge hamsters, all chittering and screeching and scampering around the car, which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down toward Bellingham.

"We can't stop here — this is hamster country!"

Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin Fan Art Re-Ed by jacechristian on  DeviantArt

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