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OFCC 40k Team event


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40k OFCC 2015 Team Event


OFCC:  This is the event that brings together gamers to have a fun and exciting weekend with gamers from across the northwest.  The OFCC takes all aspects of the hobby into equal account and is an event like no other.  We look at painting, sportsmanship and generalship in equal measure.  This is the event that whether a hobbyist, casual gamer or tournament player there is something for you.  All we ask is that regardless of why you are here you take other peoples reasons for being here into equal account.  This weekend is for all of us to come together and celebrate the hobby and have a great time.  This is an invitational event and you need someone to vouch for you if you haven't played before.  Captains are responsible for their team and their behavior.  Therefore teammates should be a reflection of their captain and representative of the OFCC ideals.


Registration:  We have 16 team spots this year as we will also be running the 40k open competitive event over the weekend.  We will allow last year’s teams two weeks to register before opening up to everyone.  In order to hold your spot the entire team must be paid.  Once the online store is allowing ticket purchases I will list the date last year’s teams have to be paid before opening up to everyone.



2000 Points

Must be made from current codices and supplements (as of June 1, 2015)

All armies allowed including unbound and Forgeworld.

Frontline Gaming's ITC FAQ will be used


Scoring:  The scoring for the OFCC will be equally rated among four categories.  These categories are Sportsmanship, Painting, Generalship and Theme/Achievements.  Scoring of each section is arbitrary as depending on final ranking you will receive a set score based on the number of teams (ie. 24 teams means 1st place gets 24 points, 2nd place gets 23, etc.) These will then be added together for the overall award.


Generalship will be scored with 6 points for a win, 4 points for a draw and 2 points for a loss.  In addition there will be 4 bonus points per game. 


Sportsmanship is scored each game with 2 points for your opponent willing to play your list again, 2 points for acting in an “adult manner” and 1, 2, 3 or 4 for game play.  5 Bonus points will be awarded from each favorite opponent pin.


Painting is scored by the paint judges and players.  The paint judges will have a rubric to go by with average armies in the 30 point range but a maximum of 50 points possible.   Favorite army voting is also included where you will vote for the top three teams of your choice with first getting 3 points, second getting 2 points and third getting 1 point.


Achievements/Theme are back this year with points awarded for backstory 1-5 points, themed/cohesive army paint/basing 1-5 points, themed/cohesive army displays 1-5 points and team wear/extras 1-5 points.  Achievements can also be earned throughout the weekend.  There will be 20 individual achievement points per team member that can be earned and 20 team points.  These will be used in determining the events best overall category.


List Rating:  A list rating committee will be formed of 5 experienced players and all teams will be judged on a Pass or Fail basis.  If you were using the 1(soft), 2(average) and 3(hard) ratings our goal is to have all teams in the 8 to 9 range with no more than 2 of the same rating. Lists turned in that are rated above a 3 will be asked to resubmit the list and suggestions will be made on how the list can be made OFCC friendly.  Captains will screen and turn in their team’s lists.  There is an email account setup for list submissions 40kofcclistrating@gmail.com.  This will enable all list rating members to access it easily and we can also accept varying formats.  If your team is failed the captain will be given reasons why and ideas on how to adjust your lists.


Pairings:  Pairings of teams in the first three rounds will be done trying to pair people from different areas and teams with the same ratings.  Rounds 4 and 5 will be done in a tournament style based on current battle scores.  We will substitute as needed so that teams do not play one another more than once. 


Matchups:  Matchups should be done based on making fun and close games.  If the captains can’t agree on matchups, the team with the lower current score will get to matchup the first game.  Then the other captain matches up the second and alternates back to the first captain for the third game.  If either captain believes that matchups are not being fairly made they are to contact the HoG immediately.


Missions:  Once again missions will be Maelstrom with a couple changes.  If cards are drawn that can’t be achieved (ie. no psyker, no building) they may be discarded and redrawn immediately.  Also cards that are worth random points are automatically considered to roll a 2.  Bonus points will be the same as last year but with additional points/special rules in each mission.




January 21, 2015 Teams form and start paying in accordance with Ordo guidelines

March 1, 2015 List rating committee formed and teams may start submitting lists.

May 31, 2015 Teams must have all lists submitted to the rating committee.

June 15, 2015 All lists will be graded and any teams that need to make changes will be notified. 

July 1, 2015 Pairings determined.

July 18, 2015 OFCC 40k Team Event


Painting Rubric

OFCC Minimum 3 colors and based:  20 Points

Painting Above Minimum:  0-10 Points

Advanced Techniques/Conversions:  0-5 Points

Basing Above Minimum:  0-5 Points

Display Board/Objectives:  0-5 Points

Judges Bonus:  0-5 Points

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Yes! The 4 man teams will play 5 games taking place over Saturday and Sunday. The days usually start at 9AM-10AM with 3 games on Saturday, and 2 games and award ceremony on Sunday.

I hate to ask so many question but approx what time will things wrap up on Saturday night. Trying to see if I can fit something else in later in the day.

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I hate to ask so many question but approx what time will things wrap up on Saturday night. Trying to see if I can fit something else in later in the day.


The rounds will be 2.5 hours starting at around 9ish, we'll have a schedule posted in a week or so of all the events and their game times.


Think 6:30ish unless we start earlier and have shorter break times.

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