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Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge Week 12 and Beyond!!!

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Welcome to the end of the Third Month of the Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge!!!!!!!


This weeks special challenge is to work on your basing skills.  Get creative and make an awesome base for a model(that may or may not be painted).


Good luck and happy hobbying.!


I'm going to leave this thread as the last thread, so keep posting your progress here.  I look forward to seeing you all again.  It is my hope that when the club reopens when might be able gather all of our freshly painted models into a giant diorama of progress!!


I'd like to point out that there are some painting competitions out there that have actual prize support.





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A while back, I bought into the Hexton Hills Kickstarter. The first round of files was released just this week and I ran a quick test print today:


A nasty bit of stringing, but nothing that a few snips and a bit of filing can’t fix. I specifically did this one first, figuring it would be most difficult to print due to the extreme overhang of the tree canopy. Printed it without any support, hence the spaghetti, but otherwise it was a treat.


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It’s the “Great Tree,” one of the special tiles unlocked via stretch goal. It’s probably the most difficult to print tile in the entire set, which is why I wanted to use it as my test piece. See below for the preview pic.

I’ve got a lot of work to do on my other projects, but eventually I plan to crank out a ton of these tiles. The company that’s selling them has been fantastic during the Kickstarter – communicating regularly, updating almost daily, being totally open about some of the delays and hiccups they had... There’s still time to get in on the project as a late backer if anyone is interested.


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1 hour ago, Romans832 said:

LOVE ents!

I hates them. Hates them!

I don’t play AoS often, but decided I’d give it a go a few years back and settled on Ironjawz as my army of choice. All the fun of getting to play Orcs, but with a low model count army... A few months after I started building that army, Ellie asked me to buy her some Sylvaneth and teach her the game.

Sylvaneth are basically the “hard counter” to Ironjawz. Ironjawz are a mêlée-only*, low model count, elite army that relies very heavily on crossing the table from deployment zone into close-combat as fast as possible... Sylvaneth are all about rapid re-deployment shenanigans, baiting enemies into tarpits, and have multiple ways heal themselves and debuff enemies. Ironjawz also rely on high Toughness and have pretty lousy Armor, most Sylvaneth units have high Strength and armor-piercing attacks (the AP is low, but good enough to bypass the crap armor of my Orcs).

We haven’t gotten to play in quite some time (there’s been whole new edition and both of our army books have been rewritten) but that kid kicked her old man’s butt every single time we played.

* (Apart from the wizard having a few ranged spells, the only ranged attack in the entire army is the breath weapon of the Mawkrusha (big honkin’ dragon/frog/cabbage)... Which is so short-ranged it might as well be a mêlée attack. By the time you’re close enough to use it,  you’re well inside it’s minimum possible charge range.)

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Thanks! I just finished the Vexillus Praetor, also. 


In between Custodes units I did some sorting and arranging for a Heresy legion project and I ended up being left with an odd man out, so I tried out a different “white” formula. Too dull for my taste, as it turns out, but he can still pull his weight as a White Scar. 


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I finally managed to slap some paint on something! 


Edit to Add: Holy heck, Custodes models are a pain in the 🐓 to assemble. So many fine details, so many thin components, such THICK connection points to the sprue, and such tiny points where parts join to the main body. I’m beginning to think the reason so many Custodes players spam FW Dreadnoughts is because they just don’t want to build more rank and file.

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