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Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge Week 12 and Beyond!!!

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Assault Intercessor Sergeant  

White Scars Deathwatch Veteran Captain on Bike 

First model out of my Indomitus box finished. Great detail and lots of fun to paint -- I can't wait to see the upcoming multi-pose models!  

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I really love the Vallejo Liquid Gold paint that I’ve  been using, but I wanted to save a bit of time and hassle by using GW’s Retributor Armour spray as a primer... This stuff is probably the worst spray paint I have ever bought from GW! Coverage is lousy, pigments are barely there, and every other annoyance you can possibly have with a rattle can.

Still, at the end of the day, I’ve got a whole bunch of my Custodes base coated.


Squad Heracleidae, from my Crusade force, who’ve been working hard on behalf of the God-Emperor. They’ve been rewarded by being the first of my rank and file squads to get painted.


Hector and Ajax, two of my Vexilus Prætores. Ajax (with the storm shield) is part of my current Crusade; Hector (with misericordia) has been bravely guarding the Battlefoam bag whilst the rest of the Shield-Company marches to war.


Squad Chironidae, also from my Crusade force. These Sagittarum Custodians haven’t gotten to take part in a Crusade game, yet, but they’re eagerly awaiting their chance...

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2 minutes ago, CountElmdor said:

I love those Sagittarum Custodian models. I should have bought some weeks/months ago, and now they're out of stock on Forge World....

The trick with buying any unit from Forge World is to look for the “upgrade kit” option, then buy whatever the base plastic Citadel Miniatures kit happens to be from your FLGS. You can save a bunch of money on shipping and usually they stay in stock longer.

In other news, I’ve finished my work on Ajax, although his base still needs a second coat and some finishing touches:


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On 7/25/2020 at 3:19 PM, Ish said:

Weird that it would work on some models and not the other, given that they’re pretty much the same convex surface... Sometimes I think painting techniques and hobby techniques are as much about supernatural forces as they are actual skill.

Given the accidental times I've painted a really good blend, or eyes, the first time and thought that I may have gotten possessed by a warp entity, I'm inclined to agree.

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28 minutes ago, WestRider said:

Do you do a wash on these? I think it could really help bring out the detail with that much uninterrupted gold.

I've used some sepia inks in places where I want the gold to be a little more aged or worn, and I've used several coats of it for things like my Sagittarum squad's weapons and the "engine bitz" on the backside of the terminators and my dreadnought. My lousy photographs don't really capture the real look of the models well... 

I’m also kinda trying to threat the eye of the needle here. On the one hand, I want my army to look like a solid wall of the shiniest of shiny gold. Because that’s the Custodes’ whole schtick. On the other hand, I want them to look like I did more than just spray paint them gold and slap them on the table. (Because I did! I really did! There’s at least three gold paints on every guy, plus accent colors and gemstones, and the Vallejo Liquid Gold that makes the main body so smooth and shiny is kind of a PITA to work with.)

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They're from the Citadel Skulls box from GW. It's $30 a box and it's a ridiculously good value, there's over three hundred skulls in the box! 

I tend not to like the way GW overloads their terrain with skulls, but a few here or there does add a bit of grimdark to the festivities. Use them sparingly from this kit and one box should last you years.

Several other companies offer similar deals on sacks o' skulls. I know Green Stuff World sells a kit with 100 resin skulls for, like $10, but these kits almost always only have human skulls. Plus you've got to mail order it. The GW kit can be found darn near everywhere that sells Citadel Miniatures (although I bought mine on Amazon). 

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