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Anyone else suffering from the Dad has no time condition?


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My almost 4 year old will sit and paint with me.  He has his squad of warriors and genestealers that he gets to slap paint on, and I get time to paint my models.  I am thinking of fielding an army that he has painted. There are definitely 3 colors on it and the basing would be easy enough if I just allowed him access to some sand and glue... nothing can go wrong there...  Kids do take up playing time, but nothing scheduling can't get around. Plus kids are great at rolling dice, so I don't have to worry about that when he is around. I just tell him how many dice and what to look for. 

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Try coaching soccer. Although I will admit it was very rewarding. It took a few seasons, but eventually turned the team around and got a perfect season. Now several of the girls I coached are playing on HS teams.


Currently I'm dealing with homecoming dances and skeevy boys asking my daughter out. I think my wife will buckle soon on the "no guns in the house" rule. ;)

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