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OFCC 40K Team Event 2014


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40k OFCC 2014  2000 points


OFCC:  This is the event that brings together gamers to have a fun and exciting weekend with gamers from across the northwest.  The OFCC takes all aspects of the hobby into equal account and is an event like no other.  We look at painting, sportsmanship and generalship in equal measure.  This is the event that whether a hobbyist, casual gamer or tournament player there is something for you.  All we ask is that regardless of why you are here you take other peoples reasons for being here into equal account.  This weekend is for all of us to come together and celebrate the hobby and have a great time.


Scoring:  The scoring for the OFCC will be equally rated amongst all four categories.  These categories are Sportsmanship, Painting, Generalship and Achievements/Theme.  This year teams will be ranked on how they performed in each category to determine their overall placement.  An example would be if there are 20 teams, the first place team will receive 20 points in that category, the second 19 points and so on.  When all four categories are added together you will get your overall points.


Generalship will be scored with 8 points for a win, 6 points for a draw and 4 points for a loss.  In addition there will be 2 bonus points per game.  Therefore each game is worth 10 points and with 5 games the total per player would be a maximum of 50.


Sportsmanship is scored with 10 points possible per game.  2 points if your opponent would be willing to play you again, 2 points if your opponent would be willing to play your list again, 2 points for acting in an “adult manner” and 1, 2, 3 or 4 for game play.  With 5 games this would be 50 points.  5 Bonus points will be awarded from each favorite opponent pin.


Painting is scored by the paint judges and players.  The paint judges will have a rubric to go by with average armies in the 25 to 30 point range but a maximum of 40 points possible.  Each of your opponents will also be given the opportunity to judge your army with 2 point possible per game.  This would equal 50 points for Painting.  You will also vote for the top three armies of your choice with first getting 3 points, second getting 2 points and third getting 1 point.


Achievements:  There will be achievements that can be earned throughout the weekend.  There will also be theme points teams can earn.  More detail will be put up in the next few weeks. 


Lists:  See edit below


List Rating:  A list rating committee will be formed of experienced players and all teams will have each list rated and play teams of similar ratings.  Captains will screen and turn in their team’s lists checking for accuracy.  There is an email account setup for list submissions.  This will enable all list rating members to access it easily and we can also accept varying formats.  More detail will be put up in the next few weeks on how to become a member of the committee and how lists will be rated.


Pairings:  Pairings of teams in the first three rounds will be done trying to pair people from different areas with similar ratings.  Round three will also be the challenge round.  Any challenges made and accepted will be done in this round.  Rounds 4 and 5 will be done in a tournament style based on current battle scores also taking ratings into account, you may play higher or lower ranked teams depending on how your team is doing.  We will substitute as needed so that teams do not play one another more than once. 


Matchups:    Matchups should be done based on making fun and close games.  If the captains can’t agree on matchups, the team with the lower current score will get to matchup the first game.  Then the other captain matches up the second and alternates back to the first captain for the third game.  If either captain believes that matchups are not being fairly made they are to contact the HoG immediately.




April 15, 2014  Teams form and start paying in accordance with Ordo guidelines

July 1, 2014  Teams start submitting lists to the rating committee at 40kofcclistrating@gmail.com.

August 1, 2014  Teams must have all lists submitted to the rating committee.  Challenges may be issued for the challenge round.  This will be the third round of day one.

September 1, 2014   All lists will have ratings completed, challenges are closed and pairings are made.

September 8, 2014  Captains given their first three rounds of opponents.  This will be done trying to pair teams from different regions and the challenge round. 

September 27, 2014  OFCC 40K


Updated info 06/20/2014

40K OFCC Army lists


Armies will be 2000 points and constructed from all current material available as of 8/10/2014.

Armies may be constructed using the main rule book, forgeworld, data slates, etc.

With the new ork format and with people asking for it unbound is now allowed.

Forgeworld army lists are allowed.

All armies will go through the list rating committee and any deemed not in the spirit of the event will be asked to change.  Captains it is on you to do the first policing for the event.  You all know what the lists should look like and if you need guidance send me a PM.


40K OFCC Achievements


The Organizer:
 Lists in on time.  August 1, 2014.  (5 points)
Goodfellas:  If everyone on the team receives at least one favorite opponent pin.  (5 points)

Early Bird:  If your team comes to the Friday night paint judging and has their armies judged. (5 points)


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:  This is awarded if you did not lose any games.  (1 point)
OFCC Experience:  If you have a .500 record.  (1 point)
Sad but True:  This is awarded if you did not win any games.  (1 point)
The Yahtzee:  If you roll 5 or more dice in one roll and they all match, before rerolls.  (1 point)
The Tactician:  If you score at least one bonus point in each mission.  (1 point)
Duelist:  If your warlord killed any other warlord.  (1 point)
Burn the Witch:  If you have a psyker and they kill themselves with perils or if you stop a successfully cast psychic power that is not a witchfire.  (1 point)

Revenge:  Kill the unit that removed your first unit in all your games.  (1 point)

Blitzkrieg:  Successfully seize the initiative in at least one of your games.  (1 point)


40K OFCC Theme


These are not mandatory but are bonuses you can earn for your team and will have some impact on your theme/achievement and overall score.  Our goal this year is for teams to bring four lists that make sense together.  The lists should actually represent something, have some background, look like they belong together.  So an example would be for a team to bring armies of the imperium, chaos, etc.  Or maybe do a warzone where lists are orks vs. guard at the battle for Armageddon where you have 2 ork lists and 2 guard lists.  We are also looking for army markings and basing to be consistent throughout the team.  In addition we are hoping for teams to do cohesive display boards.  Here is how the scoring will work this first year out and then we can make adjustments as necessary.  


Team backstory:  Looking for a writeup explaining background, why armies fit,  etc. (1-5 points)

Team paint/basing:  Looking for cohesive paint for same armies and basing throughout.  (1-5 points)

Team display:  Looking for display boards that link together, similar in theme, tell a story.  Could also be the table you enter into the table competition where you display your armies instead.  (1-5 points)

Team wear:  Looking for team shirts, dice, costumes, etc.  (1-5 points)


40K OFCC Paint Scoring

OFCC Minimum 3 colors and based (items not done will not be played) 20 Points Yes No
Army beyond 3 colors (highlighting, shading, etc.) 0-5 points
Advanced techniques/conversions (glow effects, free hand, conversions) 0-5 points
Basing above Minimum 0-3 points
Display Board 0-3 points
6 Objectives 1 Point Yes No
Judges Bonus 0-3 points

Total 40 points +2 points voted on by each opponent for max 50 points/player

Then favorite army voting will also be added to your paint score.

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So basically you're saying that teams made of min/max'ed TauDar lists, deathstar lists, titans, and other net crap lists will play each other, and the rest of us will be left to play with the more reasonable lot?

You know, I just started watching Phineas and Ferb with my kids and now I understand your handle and avatar and I love you even more.  

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A question regarding the inclusion of the expansions:  Does that just mean units from, say Stronghold Assault, or does that mean all of the "optional, decide amongst yourselves" changes to fortifications rules are also the rules of the tournament?


Looking forward to another great year!

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This is the event that whether a hobbyist, casual gamer or tournament player there is something for you.  All we ask is that regardless of why you are here you take other peoples reasons for being here into equal account.  This weekend is for all of us to come together and celebrate the hobby and have a great time.

That is simply the best description and expectation for the OFCC I've ever read.  Well done Tal!


On that note, I'm sad to say I can not make it this year due to the time.  September just sucks for me.  Sigh....  


Team Glow in the Dark will have Carl Walther (VonWalther) as the Captain this year.  


I hope all will live up to the above quote and have a great time.



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