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40k New Years Resolutions


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1) wait patiently for the rumored harlequin codex.

2) finish garage set up for garage hammer.

3) introduce my son and several nephews to wargaming in said garage.

4) wait patiently for the rumored harlequin codex.

5) paint 2000pt min corsairs

6) update my wraith wall army with newer wraithguard.

7) wait patiently for the rumored harlequin codex.

8) finish painting the phantom titan.

9) game more - lots more

10)wait patiently for the rumored harlequin codex.

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1) Get Chaos SM, Exorcists Minotaurs, Eldar, GK, Retribution, and Legion to mid-high painting standards. Maybe some TAU too...

2) sell/trade all other models.

3) Participate in the GG cup with a well painted army.

4) If lucky, participate in OFCC 2015 with a well painted army.Event is in Vancouver, I'll wait for it to be in portland.

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My resolutions are mostly non gw related. But the big one is finish painting all my Marines so I can easily and without qualm, stress, or anxiety field anything I want from my collection...


To date this means painting 20 assault marines (half with jump packs) 5 close combat equipped Sargents, 20+ Bolter Marines, 13 assorted heavy weapon Marines, build and paint 10 mark Marines for use as stern guard, 4 landraiders, 3 speeders, 5 predators, 6 assorted characters, 10 command squad bodies, 3 drop pods, and 7 dreads.


Yeah maybe I'll split that up...

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Finish 1st Company Filii Calthum (50% painted)


Finish Storm Wing (bought, 66% assembled, 0% painted)


Have mega-battle at buddy's


Maybe OFCC?


Finish painting NLs (Need moar FW doors)


Get F.A.T. Urban Zone 1 gaming mat




Finish IW Grand Company of Edixo II Suoreff (3 dreads, 3 rhinos, 1/2 LR, and 20 CSM to go)

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1. To sell some armies and get down to only 10 or so in the studio.

2. To paint 4 armies for myself this year.

3. To make my own resin base drop molds so I can save some money on basing minis.

4. To drive/fly to a far away tourney at least once this year.

5. To be humble in all my victories and gracious in all my losses, and to not lose my cool when the dice turn to sh*t.

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1 finish January's spacecwolves paint 2 predators, 5 blood claws

2 assembly and paint February spacecwolves ( 25 sky claws, 2 speeders, 18 Thunderwolfs, 4 wolfs)

3 paint 2 more imperial Knights

4 build and paint small grey Knights detachment

5 finish inquisition force

6 build custom adaptus mechanicus army

7 play lots of games

8 ofcc 2015

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1) Complete my Nurgle Mono Chaos Daemon Army - This will require 3 Daemon Princes, 2 Squads of PlagueBearers, and to finish painting 2 GUO's.  

2) Bonus to step 1 would be some Nurglings Bases (at least 7), 6 Plague Drones, and 2 more squads of PlagueBearers

3) Catalog and Photograph my 40K Collection for Insurance Reasons

4) Sell at least one 40K Army...

5) NOT BUY ANYONE'S "I'm Quitting 40K Collection" 

6) Play more 40K Games :)

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