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Circular Debates over Assault Rules - Was: New C:SM Stuff


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We’re extremely excited here at Warhammer World, and preparations are coming to an end ready for our Grand Opening this weekend. Not only do we have fantastic new displays for you to gaze upon in our brand new exhibition rooms (5 exhibition rooms!) this weekend will be the first opportunity for you to grab hold of our new exclusives. Let’s take a look at what could be yours… 

Warhammer World Tank 

Wow! Space Marine command tanks…what other Warhammer World exclusives will there be? 

Warhammer World merchandise 

Satchel Bags, metal pin badges, mugs, T-shirts and hoodies…How will you choose? These exclusives and the Space Marine command tanks will only be available to purchase here at the Warhammer World Store. For the lucky ticket holders, the Grand opening this weekend will be your first opportunity to take these exclusives home. If you are not a ticket holder, have no fear, Monday 18th May will be your first opportunity to grab these exclusives, as we will be selling them all year round. 

If you’ve not yet planned your trip to Warhammer World, grab your calendar, call your friends and start setting a date for what can only be described as the trip of a lifetime. See you there! 

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Really psyched about having a new land raider on the scene. Love my Land Raiders.


As much as I like tanks, vehicles are just not sturdy enough to have be a warlord.

HQs no longer need to be warlords. In fact, unless GW includes new rules that allow warlord tanks, warlord will default to a character in the detachment.

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On a side note, people often complain about the HB+Las LR due to the unrelated weaponry. A grav cannon and two TL lascannons seems like a similar set of odd weapons.


Well Imperial Guard/Astra Militarium's tanks can be warlords can they not? 


And personally while other models can be warlords, none of the can be kitted out or as survivable as one from an HQ slot. 

They have a special entry which makes an exception.


In the present SM codex, Chronus can be your warlord, as Chronus is a character and is considered a passenger for your SM tank. This does mean that the tank isn't the warlord, just the passenger of the tank. There is no SM exception which allows a vehicle to be the warlord in the present codex.


Most SM HQ characters have limited value at range and mostly function in a melee capacity. Melee is one of the least effective ways to keep your warlord alive.


If/when they re-do the SM codex, I really hope they add the Siege Commander entry from imperial armor. Basically a SM captain with a signum. Really neat option, as it allows a SM character to hang back in a less aggressive capacity.

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