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Ordo Blood Bowl 2 League Season 5 signups


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Signup for S5 by responding below with your Ordo Name, BB2 Name, BB2 team name and race.  Season will start after a few weeks of signups.  Number of divisions dependent on number of signups.


Be aware this is a fun league, but with that comes one big and important RULE.  DO NOT CONCEDE.

I know we all have bad games where everything goes wrong.  Especially with a game where the RNG is not R 🙂.  But do not concede.  Run-away, beg, bribe, offer sexual favors...I dont care.  But do not concede. 

Concessions will lead to sanctions up to and including being removed from the league.  Remember, I can manipulate end game results, so you may not like what I do to your team.  



Signed up teams:

@Burk - BB2 team name: Ho Ho Ho's - BB2 name: Burk

@Weav BB2 team name: Tzeeentch'ezee Titans - BB2 name: Weav

@Russell Castronovo - BB2 Team Name: Goretown Gutsquishers - BB2 Name Daxer777

@CountElmdor - BB2 Team Name: Lucavi - BB2 name: Elmdor - Chaos

@Spielmannsfluch - BB2 Team Name:  Boring Dino's of Eastwood - BB2 Name:  Spielmannsfluch - Lizards

@michaels - BB2 Team Name:  TBD  - BB2 Name: Michaels

@Rhuell - BB2 team name: Warplock Ravagers - BB2 name: Rhuell

@SigurdBC  - BB2 team name: Pestilential Powerhouses - BB2 name: SigurdBC

@scotthartman - BB2 team name: Pretzelvania Wees Wurst - BB2 name: PajamaRed 

@Bosco - BB2 Team Name: Balloon-knot Bonanza - BB2 Name PDXBosco

@peter.cosgrove - BB2 Team Name: Blarg Blarg Honk III- BB2 Name: CPTButchFlowers

@dylanator - BB2 team name: Need to Feed - BB2 name: Dylantor

@Maxwell Christian - BB2 team name: TBD - BB2 Name: Ironwolf3113




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