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2020 OBBL Human league - draft 3/14/2020


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I know this conversation has already been started in The Human League forum, but we all need to start thinking about who wants in, and who wants out of the upcoming season. As previously announced, the draft will be held on 3/14/2020 at WOW, likely at 1pm. Those who played the last season and want to keep your team, please start considering which players you want to protect. You can protect up to five players, and the remainder join the draft pool. We will stick with eight games. Once again, games can be played Sun-Thu, Friday and Saturday are used for player transactions, and we will play a game per week at WOW.

Depending on a few factors, this may be the last year we do The Human League, so I am hoping for a reasonable turnout. Please indicate your interest (again please, even if you posted in the other thread). Remember, thus us a communication-heavy league; it is expected that you check the forum daily.

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4 hours ago, Andrewgeddon said:

What is the "Human League," out of curiosity? 

It is a league of nothing but human teams, with an allowance for 0-1 Ogre and 0-1 Halfling per team. We randomly create pre-skilled players and hold a league draft to build our teams. We have transactions throughout the league, including free agency, waiver wire and the rare trade. I know your schedule is tough but if you’re interested, we’d be happy to chat with you about it.

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Blunt Trauma Sponge Bath will be retaining:

  1. B59 Erik Finley Blitzer 8 3 3 8 Block, Guard, Piling On, +1 MA (160k)
  2. B71 Rashard Morris Blitzer 8 3 3 8 Block, Guard, Tackle, +1 MA (160k)
  3. B87 Lance McCluskey Blitzer 7 3 3 8 Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm (150k)
  4. B88 BenJarvus Gehart Blitzer 7 3 3 8 Block, Mighty Blow, Guard (130k)
  5. C20 Bill Owens Catcher 8 2 3 7 Catch, Dodge, Block, Shadowing, Sidestep (120k)
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