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Ordo BB2 Season 3 Signups


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Season 3 is coming soon.  Please signup here if you want to play.  I will give it a few weeks before we start up the new league.

This season will be less games as we will split into divisions.  I want to avoid Wissen so need teams to be in multiples of 8.   I also want to avoid multiple teams per player.  This may mean we have a couple of AI's. 


Returning teams from previous Ordo BB leagues are allowed.  New teams will get a 3 game (auto resolved) bonus to be setup by admin.


Teams in: 


Division 1

@Weav - BB2 team name: Tzeeentch'ezee Titans - BB2 name: Weav

@Spielmannsfluch -  BB2 team name:  Boring Dinos of Eastwood - BB2 name: Spielmannsfluch 

@SigurdBC  - BB2 team name: Hold My Beer - BB2 name: SigurdBC

@Maxwell Christian - BB2 team name: Knights of the Stag - BB2 Name: Ironwolf3113

@michaels - BB2 team name: No Dikks - BB2 name: Michaels

@scotthartman - BB2 team name: Smells Like Green Spit  - BB2 name: PajamaRed 

@savion47 - BB2 Team Name: Error 53 - BB2 Name: Savion47


Division 2

@Burk - BB2 team name: Ho Ho Ho's - BB2 name: Burk

@Ish - BB2 team name: Silly English Khanighuts- BB2 Name: Another Ish

@CountElmdor - BB2 Team Name: Lucavi - BB2 name: Elmdor

@Bosco - BB2 Team Name: Balloon-knot Bonanza - BB2 Name PDXBosco

@Russell Castronovo - BB2 Team Name: Goretown Gutsquishers - BB2 Name Daxer777

@peter.cosgrove - BB2 Team Name: Blarg Blarg Honk III- BB2 Name: CPTButchFlowers

 @WestRider - BB2 team name: Tlaxtlan Panthers - BB2 name: WestRider   



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